About Property Management

Tips & Strategies About Property ManagementWould you rather have a generalist who claims to do it all or a specialist who actually provides services with a degree of anticipation and know-how? The latter, right? That’s the value of our property management company. Good news if your properties are located in Grey Lynn, Auckland. We are now where you are. We were located in Sandringham for more than 10 years as Cahill. Both areas have transformed in recent years, with Grey Lynn seeing significant growth and development. Its close proximity to the city, along with its excellent schools make life convenient and a great place to call home.

Mentoring The Next Generation Property Management Managers

We know from experience that our future success banks on the capabilities of the younger set. While we are experiencing successful expansion into new areas, we know that sharing this knowledge with the next generation of property managers is vital. Our complete in-house training is poised to set them up for a lifetime of success as team members and colleagues of springfieldhotel.co.nz Property Management. The training is based on our own industry and market experience.

Additionally, we do not train and then abandon our newest generation of property managers. Instead, we foster their career growth by placing them in the field. If you want to be a part of the next generation of property managers, we would love to hear from you. Please, contact us!

Clients love our property managers. We constantly receive new clients from client referrals, and we are proud of that fact. Part of their success is based on the number of properties they are expected to manage. By comparison, other more profit-driven and less successful Auckland PM companies tend to overload one or two property managers. We know that does not work. We love to foster the relationships among our property managers and the property owners.

Our success is in the results. We do not go to Tenancy Tribunal very often. What that means for our owners is a reduction in headaches, fines, and wasted time, while allowing them to enjoy great relationships and longer tenancy with their renters. That, in turn, allows them more stability on their properties. It creates a situation where renters respect the property and the owners, which benefits everyone. It also benefits the long-term outlook for the property value as well.

Partly, we enlist the use of tenant care policies that put our property managers in the mindset to think like owners. When making any decisions, we take into account the overall goals of the owners, and only enlist strategies that the owners have assigned. We establish set strategies from the beginning with property owners.

We take our role in your property’s success as an investment as seriously as you might take your lawyer or accountant’s input. The goal is to ensure that our services add value to both your property and your quality of life. We know that doing property management yourself is an option, but we like to make it more profitable than if you were to take hold of the property yourself.

We use quality management to reduce the length of time between vacancies while using effective tenant management techniques. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we might work for you.