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Top Tips For Finding A Roof Painting Service In Auckland

Posted by on Aug 24, 2017 in Auckland Roof Painting

While roof painting may seem a rather simple task, and many people are opting to complete the task independentlyRoof Painting Services in Auckland to save costs, it can be quite complicated and difficult. The idea of climbing a ladder and painting a roof sounds simple, but there are several considerations that need to be made including what type of paint and painting skills. People who choose to perform this task using the “DIY approach” should have some knowledge of the project; however, many don’t and learning how to paint the roof can be highly costly.

In this case, it is highly recommended that a novice roof painter hire a professional roof painting service. Of course, there are points to take into account when choosing a reputable company for roof painting in Auckland because there are numerous ‘scam artists’ who are eager to con you out of your money. This article will provide some top tips for finding a legitimate and effective roof painting service in Auckland.

Get Referrals

While it is possible to gain names of roof painters online and read their official online reviews, it is possible that these testimonials are dishonest. In some cases, contractors will choose to place fraudulent testimonials on their websites or review sites to promote their service. To avoid this dishonesty and misrepresentation, it is recommended that you avoid the online option altogether and use a word-of-mouth referral technique.

The word-of-mouth technique involves speaking to friends, family, neighbors, or colleges regarding possible recommendations of roof painting services. This is a far more beneficial and effective referral method because you will gain insight into the contractor’s quality of service by asking questions about the tradesman.

Years Of Experience

Auckland Roof PaintersWhile hiring an inexperienced roof painting service is not discouraged, it is not always encouraged by a lack of experience can translate into a lack of skills. By gaining experience in roof painting, the professional will be knowledgeable in the different roof painting techniques and how to deal with different situations.

To determine a contractor’s years of experience, it is worthwhile asking him for his company’s date of established; or you could review the company’s portfolio. A portfolio will not only show you how many years the service has been in business but also illustrate what they of roof painting it specializes in.

Get A Detailed Quote

It is highly recommended that you obtain a detailed quote before making any decisions, and gain the quote in writing. By obtaining quotes from several companies, you will be able to identify which service is most affordable and which service is not affordable. Always have a budget in mind before contacting roof painting services and consider financial restrictions when making a final decision.

The Equipment And Paints

While the client is typically responsible for the provision of paints, it is important to discuss whether or not the company will require painting equipment or if they present with their own equipment. This refers to items such as ladders, paint brushes, tarps, and other resources that are necessary to complete a secure roof painting project.


It is highly recommended that the roof painting service used offers work insurance. While no person thinks about accidents, it is important to consider that accidents do happen and if a worker were to injure themselves the use of insurance will ensure you are not liable for medical costs.

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